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XpressMoneyBot Scam: The Fallacious Bot

XpressMoneyBot Scam: The Fallacious Bot

May 24, 2017 By: Comments Off on XpressMoneyBot Scam: The Fallacious Bot

Do you feel that binary option trading journey is going to be easy for you? If yes, then you are mistaken because there are many scam systems out there as well. You need to discriminate between the genuine systems and the scams systems and that is not an easy job for sure. This is why we will offer you all the assistance in this regard. We will like to  share the reality of a new scam bot in the market by the name of XpressMoneyBot. Well people you ought to read this review till the end to get the exclusive insight you need.

What makes this bot such a terrible choice

The minute we looked at the site we could feel that it is a scam setup. The kind of language that is used in the content sound extremely deceitful. The content does not make use of any technical terms. For example, you expect to read works like virtual money and demo. However, these things are not mentioned. This gives the feel that this site has been designed by someone who is not quite proficient at the job. When the site looks so repulsive, then you can hardly expect it to offer any value.

XpressMoneyBot has got no sales video. Now we feel that it is a red alert because how are you supposed to know about a system when it does not have a sales video. When the video is there on the site  it proves to be quite useful in giving you a complete walkthrough of the system but it does not turn out to be the case with XpressMoneyBot. It claims to be an automated bot that can easily make money online. The question is how. The makers need to lay down the approach for making the money. However, they fail to do so.

Interestingly the site claims that you do not need any knowledge about the system. Now this raises an alert as well because to excel in the field of binary option trading you do need basic insight about the field and it is not humanly possible to make your mark without the knowledge. Moreover, you get to read that the bot can start making money at the push of a button. Well, this aspect is quite questionable and this is not the way things work in the real world.

If you decide to sign up with the system, then you will be compromising on your privacy. The scammers will have your private information and they will flood your inbox with their scam emails. Now when we had a look at the FAQ section, we felt that it is also quite controversial. Apparently, XpressMoneyBot seems to be offering a demo but there is no option available on the site to access that demo.

Now we noticed that you have to make a deposit to the system. Obviously you will be making this deposit to the associated brokers. The names of the brokers are not mentioned on the site so we feel that the brokers are not regulated. This is why the names of the brokers are not mentioned on the site. Well we also noticed things that will trigger off scam alerts. Look at the picture and it indicates that they are enticing the traders to invest more.


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XpressMoneyBot claims to be legitimate but we noticed that there is no verifiable proof present in this regard so you just cannot buy the words of the makers. We also made a note of the fact that the website of XpressMoneyBot is not secure. This means that it will not be wise on your part to enter any information through the website as it can endanger your privacy, money and this is something that you will not want at the end of the day.

xpressmoneybot Scam Review

We could not find any information about the features or the technology used by this system. This is yet another element that made us quite suspicious about this system. We feel that if you opt for this system, then you can end up with huge financial losses coming your way. The contact information about this system is also quite limited. We could just locate the email address on the website. Here we will like to inform you that the scammers never take the pain to respond to the emails of the trader so you need to understand this aspect if you intend to secure your future. The live chat facility is also not available for the traders so you just cannot expect any help regarding the questions that strike your mind at the spur of the moment.

Scam Personalities behind this system

What made us sceptical about XpressMoneyBot is that we could not find any information about the CEO of the system. There is no address or phone mentioned on the website. This made us feel that if you opt for this system, then you are bound to be in a lot of trouble. We could not find any testimonials on the website as well. We strongly feel that you just cannot trust a system when this information is missing. This means that the credibility of the system is questionable and you just cannot trust the system by any means at all.

Verdict: XpressMoneyBot is a Scam!

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