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Vortexz Signals Scam Review – Rotten Scam.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review – Rotten Scam.

April 16, 2017 By: Comments Off on Vortexz Signals Scam Review – Rotten Scam.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review

Vortexz Signals is the latest binary trading software to hit the binary trading world. This fake app scam was released just a few hours ago and has already gained momentum on the internet. We have received numerous complaints from newbie traders who fell for this scam. Vortexz Signals is promising users over the moon profit margins and this is where the trap is set.

The developers of this app claim that it runs completely on Auto Pilot and you don’t need any previous trading experience. All users have to do is sign up with Vortexz Signals and the app will make profit for them. Users don’t need to do anything and they can sit down and relax and watch as the app miraculously make profit. All this sounds too good to be true so we decided to investigate further and our findings will shock you.

The Developer.

It should be noted that Vortexz Signals is a pretty old scam that was created early 2016. This is just a new scam app which is using the same techniques to lure unsuspecting binary trading newbies. The difference between the previous scam and this new one is just the logo and the web site colors. We also don’t know who is behind this fake app since there is no presentation video or information about the owner.

Is Vortexz Signal regulated?

This is the most important question that an individual should ask. Will the app link you to a regulated broker or not? We have always stated that having a regulated broker is safe since your money is safe. The problem with Vortexz Signals is that they will link you with an unregulated broker. Users can be assured that whenever they ask for money to withdraw, the brokers will release your money at their mercy. They may also decide not to give you the money and this means you can’t file a complaint.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review

We have noticed that Vortexz Signals is dealing with blacklisted as well as unregulated brokers. In short, it means that none of the brokers or the software itself holds genuine or valid licenses. Every deposit users make on this software should be considered as money lost. Don’t get fooled by these scam artists and always look out for regulated brokers. Once users have deposited money with these scam artists, the money is immediately taken from them.

How Vortexz Signals Works.

Vortexz Signals is apparently making profits all day every day by predicting only profitable trades many times a day. The main component that makes this signal work well is the auto pilot feature. They claim that this app has an advanced algorithm that analyzes trading data faster than any other app. Vortexz Signals is the only app that analyzes billions of data per second and makes automated decisions based on market trends. This is according to the information that can be seen on the web site of this scam. Anyone with a little sense of binary trading will tell you that this will never happen.

The claim that this app has a trading accuracy of 100% is one of the many lies they use. There are indeed apps that have high prediction patterns but the highest is about 85%. There is no software on earth that can predict the market with such precision. There are many factors that affect the financial market world that are unforeseen. The markets are affected by boardroom wars, corporate takeovers, political involvement and many more. This makes it hard for any app to predict everything at the stock market. This claim is therefore unreal and obviously fake.

Alarming things found.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review

There is nothing like guaranteed profits in any financial world. Yet, we see the claim set by these fraudsters that users are guaranteed to make profits with the help of this app. How can these people guarantee that you will be making profits even during the weekends? This is another lie that we discovered and must let others know. We all know that the all the financial markets are closed during the weekends, how does this app trade on weekends? This is still a mystery to many but we know that Vortexz Signals is simply a scam.

What happens when you register with Vortexz Signals?

When you register with, you are required to fill your name and email address. You will then be redirected to a second page referred to as the Member’s area. You will receive a Skype call from a person claiming to have won big with this fake app. How these people manage to convince anyone to sign up with them is wanting. Who would believe such a straight lie? Readers you should be wary of fake testimonials since they are used to legitimize the app.

Jason Miller is another fake testimony used by the scam artists. He claims that his profits grew from $2000 to over $10000 within four months. All these happened thanks to the amazing Vortexz Signals app. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the many ways fraudsters use to lure unsuspecting binary trading newbies. They use fake testimonials so that newbie traders can believe that this app is indeed real and other people have used it. The claim that this app has been developed by a team of trading expert is also a lie. We are not given the names or credentials of these experts making us further question Vortexz Signals.

Our Conclusion.

Vortexz Signals Scam Review

Vortexz Signals is without a scam. We are experienced binary trading experts and believe in the lucrative binary trading world. That is why we must shame these apps that are ripping off unsuspecting online investors. There are indeed genuine and approved binary trading apps that make reasonable profit margins. How this software manages to trade offline is still mind blowing. The main reason why this app was created was to simply loot your money in an instant. Always make sure you trade with real accounts that have regulated brokers. We will reveal all the shady scams in order to clean the lucrative binary trading world.

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