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Swiss Bot Scam Review– A Scam Blockbuster of the Month

Swiss Bot Scam Review– A Scam Blockbuster of the Month

June 21, 2017 By: Comments Off on Swiss Bot Scam Review– A Scam Blockbuster of the Month

Swiss Bot software is introduced to us by Anna Monti, and you have to know why it’s so risky.

Swiss Bot software program is said to be a big time trading software that may help you earn 1000s of dollars every day.

In fact, this commitment alone is already good enough to daunt us away because the chance of that being real is highly impossible.

On the other hand, that’s not even the worst type of part of this whole hoax.

Yeah, Currency trading is a really good way so that you can make some extra money. But, that’s not true when you’re using a deceptive trading system like Swiss Bot scam. We have found lots of extremely worrisome information about this system, and we’re responsible for informing you about it.

Make no blunder.

Swiss Bot Scam

This Swiss Bot is absolutely nothing more than an old-time reused scam raising its nasty head again, don’t shun with such scammers and go with our trusted bots.

The thing is, this is different from many other ripoffs on the market, which simply try to deplete your trading accounts. This type of scam has its own places set on your banking information as well. If you actually don’t want to burn the things you have, we would recommend reading this scam review!

Swiss Bot Scam 100% Full Money Back Guarantee Fraud

In the demonstration video clip, we’re taught that if we sustain or losses our money while using this software, we’ll get our refund.

These guys actually commit to refund and all money that we waste while investing with Swiss Bot software. Besides this being extremely impossible and far too good to be true, it just wouldn’t make sense at all from a business perspective.

No one refunds all your lost funds, never!

Swiss Bot Scam Review

That’s all besides the proven fact that there are some particulars at the bottom of this site which negates this full claim.

There’s an important note present that virtually says “You will lose your hard earned money and never have it returned. We’re not to blame for all of your lost money”.

Therefore, as you have seen, the scammers right behind Swiss Bot have no policies of refunding your hard earned money ever. That touch about coming with a 100 % cash back guarantee is just a poor marketing technique supposed to attract you to complacency and fork over your hard earned money.

This is actually a cheap move that only the filthiest cash snatching schemes would make!

Swiss Bot Fake People

Another apparent sign that this is a full scam is that none we have seen or made aware of is genuine or trustworthy by any means, form, or shape. This particular Anna Monti personality, this so-called Empress of forex trading, is absolutely nothing more than a photo taken from low-grade image data source.

Most of us never see her live. We just hear a voice of a narrator. Once we are confronted with stock images and spoken narration, we can feel comfortable knowing that it’s not legit. There isn’t any reason to not showing this individual in live experience if these people really did exist.

When it comes to Swiss Bot testimonials from others, we actually meet up with a guy who names himself Gregory Rice. He tells that this amazing Forex currency trading wonder bot has succeeded to produce 1000s of dollars to him in the last couple of months.

So, we have done some groundwork on this Greg, and we couldn’t formulate anything real. You don’t see any social media pages, no biographical information, and no google search with the exception of those associated with this scam.

My oh my, did I overlook the fact to talk about that I found his information on

Swiss Bot Scam Review

That is a site where individuals hire two-bit personalities to do something as scapegoats and choose their bid!

Considering the fact that we can’t find anyone authentic, only composed and fake personalities, we’ve absolutely no option but to tag this Swiss Bot software as a total fraud.

Your Personal Information Is at Potential Risk

Probably the deadliest thing about this terrible heap of crap is that it strives to rob everything you have.

Firstly, you could neglect any example of trustworthy or dependable brokers. These scammers make you join one specific brokerage service which is made to mess up your forex trading account, and the next thing you would do is you go searching for your bathroom break.

These broker agents are grubby, shady, and totally offender. The one reason they’re constantly in place is to make the most of you. On the other hand, it doesn’t stop there, because that’s only the end of the iceberg.

The truly damaging part about this scam application is a particular section where you type in your personal or banking information. This has to be done on the website when you register for a forex account and when you need to join any broker.

On top of that, these types of clown’s websites get your very own banking information through dubious advertising emails too.


The end result is that you really should not provide these guys your personal banking information. They’ve been recognized to steal it, make the most of the people, and wreck their standard of living.

As this scam was first made in 2014, they’ve managed to rob the secret information and the personal savings of lots of people. So you don’t have to be a victim, do not try this or if possible do not think about it, instead choose from the original binary bots.

We’ve received lots of complaints about being defrauded for 1000s of dollars and even about identities being stolen too! Swiss Bot is unquestionably the single most hazardous frauds on the market at this time.

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