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Quantum Code Scam Review – Horror Scam.

Quantum Code Scam Review – Horror Scam.

June 11, 2017 By: Comments Off on Quantum Code Scam Review – Horror Scam.

Quantum Code Scam

Quantum Code Honest Scam Review

Quantum code is one of the latest scam software that has landed in the binary options industry. Its alleged developer is called Michael Crawford. He claims that this Quantum Code software has made him so rich that he has been able to buy himself a private jet which he flaunts in the Quantum Code video. He claims to be well known and has appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes. He wants to give the Quantum Code software for free to 20 people who will become millionaires in just one month.


When you get to the Quantum Code home page, there is a pop up message that prompts you to sign up so that you can get free access to the software. To join Quantum Code , you need to enter your full name and email address. After that, you have to deposit the minimum investment amount of $250 in the recommended broker account.

To put it more technically, it really depends on how much money you fund your account with. The Quantum Code website claims that most of the members fund their account with $300, and make about $800-1000 daily. Those who fund their account with $1,000 or over make over $2,500 per day! According to the website, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make on the website.

You do not need to have experience of any kind or even time to start trading with Quantum Code software. Apart from the Quantum Code website showing you that there are limited seats ion your country, it also has a countdown timer ticking rapidly and before you even know it; the time will have ended. The Quantum Code website warns that it is closing soon so you have to take action as soon as possible.

Why the Quantum Code software is Unreliable

Quantum Code Honest Scam Review

One of the reasons why you should not trust the profitability of Quantum Code software is because it has false testimonies. The Quantum Code developer who claims to have made money from Quantum Code software is not a real member because there is nowhere on the site he shows us his live trading accounts with the money trickling in and then being withdrawn. We all know that the number of scam sites could even be more than that of the legit sites that is why we can’t believe such claims so easily if there is no solid evidence.

He also claims to be a well known person who has appeared in Forbes. Indeed, there is an article on the Forbes website about Michael Crawford but it is not him! There is also no mention of the quantum code software. This guy is obviously a good actor but we were able to see right through his scam tactics.

He does not even give us links to his social media accounts where we can follow him to prove that he is real. Apart from that, if you listen to him talking, you will realize that there is nothing unique he talks about.


The plane which he flaunts as his own is rented form sun quest. He has lied about a lot of things just to make us think that he is filthy rich. Many people will sign up without thinking twice only to realize that there is no money to be gained from this software. A private jet is expensive to buy leave alone its maintenance so if you see a developer who claims to own one, just know that he can even go further and even lie about owning an island just to trick you into signing up.

Quantum Honest Scam Review

The Quantum Code website has a countdown timer and a counter showing the number of spots left. This is a common scam tactic meant to make you think that you are missing out on a golden opportunity. The real truth is that if you come back to the website a few weeks later, you will find that the same claim has not changed.

This is one of the clear indications of a scam site that you should not believe at all. They also have pop up messages everywhere on the website and even when you try to leave you still get another one trying to force you to sign up. You should never buy their scam antics because they are just after your hard earned money and nothing else.


The Quantum Code website claims that you can make thousands of dollars as soon as you join. If you think hard, you will see that it is possible for the developers to come up with any kind of figures to confuse you into signing up thinking that you will become rich quickly.

Never sign up to a system because the profits look amazing when they haven’t got any backup evidence on terms of real members or live trading accounts showing you how the money is accumulating in the bank accounts. They can exaggerate any amount of money just to make you think that you have landed a gold mine when in the real sense you are just going to be broke.

If you are one of those trying to get footing in the binary options trading industry, you should not jump into new binary options trading software that you are not even aware of like Quantum Code software.

It is better that you wait for opinions from the experienced traders so that you can learn from them. You should also look for resources such as videos and articles on binary options trading to help you get some knowledge on binary options trading.


Quantum Honest Scam Review
Quantum Code software is definitely not recommended to serious binary options traders. If you are looking to make good money online, do not allow yourself to be deceived into signing up to this scam software because you will lose your hard earned money.

Do not believe the Quantum Code positive reviews you see online because they have been written by people who know nothing about binary options trading and are just looking to earn commissions when you sign up through their links. There are many binary options sites that are Quantum Code software is not one of them. Sign up with the best and reliable binary trading team.

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