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Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review – All Lies.

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review – All Lies.

June 11, 2017 By: Comments Off on Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review – All Lies.

Dubai Lifestyle App

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review

Dubai lifestyle app has been newly launched internationally and is already looking for 100 beta testers to try it out. According to the website, these testers are going to earn $7000 daily. This is quite a lot of money if you calculate it per month.

With this kind of money, you can become a millionaire within a very short period of time. The developer of this alleged software is Scott Hathaway. He is the CEO and founder of the Dubai Lifestyle App.

It seems that the Dubai Lifestyle app has a special map that can automatically detect the country that you are signing in from. At the top left of the website, you will see that there are only 15 spots remaining for the people in your country.

This will automatically trigger you to sign up quickly without going through the entire website. What you should remember is that this is what everyone sees whenever they sign up from the country of their residence.


At the top right of the website, there is another claim that the website is on offer for a limited amount of time. In fact, by the time you will have gone through the entire website, you will realize that the time has already elapsed.

This is a familiar trick that we are all too familiar with. If you try refreshing the page, you will see the timer beginning afresh. This is a clear indication that the Dubai Lifestyle app is full of scam tricks that are meant to make you sign up at every turn.

About the developer

There is an introduction video whose presenter is Scott Hathaway. He used to live in Iowa before he decided to move to Dubai where he has been staying for two years now. He only had a sum of $500 in his pocket when he moved to Dubai but he had a dream in his mind which was to create an app that would make people worldwide millionaires. He was lucky enough to meet the Mahmood brothers who gave him $430000 to support his project of developing an automated system.


He sought the services of software engineers and programmers to help him develop the system he wanted. They came up with a complete version after duration of six months. It has a winning rate of 99/8% and can generate up to $7000 daily. The Dubai Lifestyle was available to Dubai residents only for the first 90 days before it was released to the public. At the end of the 90 days, 319 Dubai residents were smiling all the way to the bank as they were each able to accumulate more that $2 million dollars each.


The Dubai lifestyle app is fully automated. You can start making money with the click of a button. This software can draw many newbies who want to start making money with binary trading but have no experience. You should however not put all your effort, time and money on fully automated systems because they have their own issues. Furthermore, they will make you lazy such that you will not see it necessary to learn more about basics of binary option trading.

Before you click the sign up button already, listen to this. The Dubai Lifestyle app developer, Scott Hathaway is nonexistent. His picture is a stock photo that has been used severally in many other sites. You can confirm this by doing a search of the picture on Google. He claims that he came to Dubai with only $500. He probably made this statement to make his story seem like one of from rags to riches.

Dubai Lifestyle App Honest Scam Review

The claim he makes that this software can make $7000 per day is farfetched. Even the best software that is very accurate doesn’t earn more than $1000. If these kinds of software existed, we would be having very many millionaires.

He says that 319 residents became millionaires. This is not a small feat to accomplish. This kind of news ought to have been published in major news sites. All we needed was for him to give us links to articles that have been written about this software but he doesn’t show any. Since he is a hoax, we can safely conclude that everything he says is a hoax.

The members

There are “members” who claim to have made thousands of dollars using this software. These are just but claims that are not supported with evidence. Live results or trading history would have been more convincing. There are other people who speak in the introduction video. If you have used visited many of the binary options sites, you will see that most of these people are very familiar.

This is because they are Fiverr actors. Fiverr is a site where people are paid as low as $5 to say what the developer wants. Mark you; they have no idea what binary options is all about. They are just saying what they have been told to say, in fact, others have appeared in many binary options scam sites and they can say the words without being told.


The Dubai lifestyle App website is filled with several security badges. This is probably meant to mean that your information is very secure. However, if you look at the URL of this website, you will see that it does not begin with https which means that it is not SSL secured.

There is a possibility that your information is going to be shared with third parties. Furthermore, the badges have not been verified which makes us wonder if they are real.


Dubai Lifestyle App

No further evidence is needed to prove that the Dubai Lifestyle App is scam. You are just going to waste your valuable time and money on it. No one has become a millionaire using it because it is not profitable.

This review should make you discard your plans of signing up. Serious traders know that with the number of trading software in existence, you won’t miss to find one that suits you perfectly. For more of this and more, kindly visit HERE

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