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30-Day Challenge Review – A Big Scam Story of the Month

30-Day Challenge Review – A Big Scam Story of the Month

June 20, 2017 By: Comments Off on 30-Day Challenge Review – A Big Scam Story of the Month

If someone is trading binary options and earning is not what it has to be then some super-fast earning scammers target these people.

Let me stretch it little.

There are two types of entrepreneurs, the one who earns a lot with some exceptional expertise and skills; he won’t be targeted or convinced to such scams which promise to get him thousands of money overnight.

The other type of people who have left everything after these binary options trading to earn some living for their kids and spouse. They are the perfect package to earn some money from for scammers.


Because they are frustrated in trying hard to earn big bucks, and sooner or later they end up getting another overnight software and dreaming the big bread in their lockers.

The one best scammer who perfectly targeted those people is 30-Day Challenge offering a software of the same overnight earnings in binary options.

Let’s dig more to get the buried secret out.

Joey Altair’s Promises and Claims That Just Show Consoling Words Without Reality

In a short message, Joey has introduced his scam product very well.

If you are a novice, nothing will stop you to get drowned in his swamps.

30-Day Challenge

He is speaking to people who don’t have technical or trading skills; this is hilarious actually, because in the binary industry there would hardly anyone out there who doesn’t have such skills, not expertly but the one should have some. This is totally a misleading software with a person who perfectly misleads the people, and he thinks them fool enough to buy his software.

Let’s check this out, his alluring and baited words.

30-Day Challenge Scam

A nice click for presenting the scams. A man with laptop sitting on a red couch

Actually such scammers neither registered from any public authority, nor they have any existence as a business.

He promises to pay $1000 from his pocket if someone fails to earn $30k in 30 days.


If I were the person who buys his software just to earn $30k in 30 days, and on the other hand if I did know that this software would give nothing but losses, then I would love to take his own offered $1000 from his pocket without trying to work or earn anything from 30-day challenge software and walk away.

Ultimately I would be successful at least to get $1000 from his pocket out.

I’ve discussed countless binary options software programs over the last year, and they almost all tell the same tale:

Earn money fast, without any risk!

On these review articles, there are a bunch of disenchanted people who relied on the system, paid out their $250, and wasted it all. Many of them put in $1,000’s. Nobody has ever written and published to state that they made some money. Not a soul.

Finding facts that 30-Day challenge a fraud is fairly easy. The introductory video clip was rather distressing to watch if you want to skip out on its highlights, I recently found it on YouTube. You should watch below if you want to.

The video is not currently available, but you can still watch it on its website

Behind The Scene – The Paid Actors

The very first thing you have to know is that not one of the testimonials is realistic. They are well known, terribly paid personalities who have been hired over countless binary options products. These guys are famous and have been showcased on many sites frequently.

30-Day Challenge Scam Review

How happy they look – not by earning $30k but getting paid by Joey Altair for giving fake reviews.

30-Day Challenge

Some Ways The 30-Day Challenge Tricks You

When you sign up with the phone, name, e-mail, username, and password, the system blows you to next video, where you have to pay in $250 bucks to start with trade.

Their suggested agent will manage your investment funds.

Not anywhere during these video clip demos, we can’t get any agent name that we may verify if this agent is legitimate or not! Coping with unregulated agents can be quite unsafe because you can’t expect that you’d be getting any withdrawal in any way from them!

Also, since this is 100 % unidentified service, you can’t make your complaint to government bodies when this show up!

This really is a risky Hoax!

30-Day Challenge Review

Don’t hit the trap from these counterfeiters!

Another point you should understand is that it’s not cost-free. Keep in mind when he claimed that you shouldn’t pay a penny before you decide to see facts or keep in mind when he claimed that you wouldn’t be forced to pay anything.

Well, what is the news? It is that you have to lodge $250 before you get to try this software, and the majority of people will never ever see that money-back.

The Verdict

30-Day Challenge is without a doubt a Proved Joke!

Be careful and stay away from!

Options can be changed into very profitable income. Sad to say, growing markets bring in way too many liars, deceivers, and bogus software! For that reason, be sure to always count on beneficial and well-known help-trading resources and stockbrokers!

Binary Options beginners should always get sign ups with cost-free demo accounts with licensed brokers until they’re well informed to begin with real company accounts and cash! Later they must search for the original bots or choose from here.

We’re trying to expose all fly-by-night Scams, as soon as we can certainly, which means you guys can be used in time! Many of you will ask, “Well Mate; you claim that 30 Day challenge is a fraud, but have you got evidence?”.

I have shown above what I found. But sit back and just think for a minute, once you see a headline saying this, seriously does it sound you a legit program?

30-Day Challenge

There are several types of investment rip-offs. The 2 main facts you need to check for when finding a fraudulent are Zero Risk & High earnings.

That’s what on earth this 30-Day challenge is guaranteeing.

If you wish to go on and try it out, you’re at liberty to do so!

I wouldn’t because at least I know what it is.

So you can make your own decision if you want to be ripped off. My only request is not to try it if you want to make money for food or other basic needs. Never shell out your money for any 30-60 days’ magic and try from our list of best binary bots.

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