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  • Best Binary Options Robots – All You Need To Know

    Binary Options trading is a very interesting business market for those who are good at it. It is difficult to make money in the stock market but the people who have the knack in it and have lady luck helping them can earn a lot. However, you do need a little bit of informed decision making to help you –and that’s where Binary Option robots come in.

    Best Binary Options Robots

    Win Rate
    SoftwareWin RateTypeBeginner
    Option Robot83%AutoFree
    Super Simple Bot80%AutoFree
    Binary Auto Trader79%AutoFree

    Failing markets and the financial downturn around the world has made stock trading a risky venture at times. For new investors who would like to try their hand in the stock markets Binary Stock Option Trading might turn out to be a safer and a lu.3crative option. This form of investment is much safer than normal stock trading as although a person might lose money they usually retrieve a part of their investment. In case a person scores big, they can end up earning a good percentage of their investment.

    These outcomes do not seem to sound very lucrative to the laymen but one has to look into trading histories and see how a lot of people lost their entire life earnings in a single day in the regular stock market. This is not possible in the case of Binary Stock Option Trading. Unlike the normal stock trading a person cannot earn very big and the rags to riches story might not come out to be true but there is always scope of a healthy earning if the investor has traded wisely.

    It is very easy to start trading binary stock option and unlike stock trading it can be started with a meagre amount of $30. It is always more advisable for beginners to start with binary stock options rather than jump into the regular stock exchange. The best part about this sort of trading is that one does not have to have detailed knowledge about the markets. The complicated graphs and charts are not needed to be studied and simple knowledge can help a person do well.

    There are many trading platforms available online which can be easily used for binary stock trading. And the right binary option robot can help you take the right decisions. Binary stock option trading is a lucrative investment and people can opt to earn money out of it.

    Introduction To Binary Options Robots

    Follows the
    market trend
    Trades majors

    These days, Binary Options Robots have become a common means of trading in stocks over the internet. However, in order to understand how these unique softwares work, the concept of Binary Options must first be understood. This article is a primer on just that; Binary Options.

    Start trading with Binary Options Robots Today!

    Trader and investors are attracted to the options trading system because they want to earn the best possible returns on their investments. If that is the case with you as well, you’ve come to the right place!

    The auto trading software lets you take advantage of the best binary options trades. They provide signals, delivering the proficiency new traders often lack and use this to profit on the market.

    We bring you comprehensive information on binary options trading systems that can carry out every trade automatically, online.

    This advanced software is pre-programmed with expert knowledge of the markets that gives it the ability to trade on behalf of traders. Let your trades benefit from proven binary options trading strategies and get the advantage of experienced garnered by top binary options brokers.

    Don’t fall for scams by no-name trading bots. Let us help you select the best options trading platform for all your binary options trading needs!

  • How can Binary Options Help?

    Binary Option, in the context of finance, is a type of an ‘option’ given to an investor whereunder the possible outcomes are only two, namely, either a monetary payoff or nothing at all. Further, binary options are divided into two main types which are cash-or-nothing options and asset-or-nothing options, whereunder, respectively, the payoffs are either cash or the value of the stock. As an illustration, if a person buys a cash-or-nothing binary option in corporation XYZ at $500, on the maturity date of the stock is trading under the purchase value, the person gets nothing in terms of a return as opposed to getting a specified value if the stock is trading at a higher price than $500.

  • How do they Work?

    Binary Option Robot is a fully automated software which allows anyone to trade without requiring any previous knowledge of trading. Of course, it would help to know how binary options and binary option robots work. Over time, traders have realized the potential of binary options robots and the fact that while the potential losses in trading using binary options robots may not be very high, the potential gains or profits from trading using these robots can be very high.

    The fundamental working behind binary options robots is that they take care of exercising your binary options without requiring you to make any effort except perhaps keeping a check on the market value of your investment. The robots we will refer to can do everything that we will each within this topic, a reason that we have referred to them.

  • How can it help you?

    If you love trading in stocks and want something to help you to reach accurate predictions and help you better your gains, you will need to know just how to do it. Binary options robots seem to do the job pretty well and are adept at making you form informed choices about the stocks to trade.

    For instance, if you use a binary options robot by a particular website or a company and use it to keep a check on your investment of $100, which would give you a gain of $1000 if the market value of the investment on the maturity date is above $100 and $0 if the market value is lesser than $100, the robot would keep tabs on the value and intimate you as soon as you make a gain or a loss. These robots allow you to set the figures as per the market value at which you wish to be intimated or even those values at which you wish to invest further or withdraw your investment.

    The perks of such an investment are the highest in the short run as this is a method used most frequently by short-run traders. However, if you’re a seasoned trader and you have a fair idea of what the value of a security might be on a particular date which is not very near, you can still earn a lot of profit from using binary options robots.

    It is relatively easy to set up an account with any website which offers binary options robots and the fees for the same are rather cheap.

  • How to get started using Binary Options Robots?

    Having understood how binary options work, it is important to understand how to get started with binary options robots. A lot of websites on the internet offer binary options robots that you can pay a little money to use and start earning by trading in securities.

    Choose the Binary option robot that you need

    In order to get started, you must first choose the right binary options robot for your trading plans. Once you’ve chosen the right binary options robots by going through our recommended softwares in the table below, you need to set up your account with the binary options robots website.

    Best Binary Options Robots

    Win Rate
    SoftwareWin RateTypeBeginner
    Option Robot83%AutoFree
    Super Simple Bot80%AutoFree
    Binary Auto Trader79%AutoFree

    Put in your details

    No matter what binary option robot software that you choose, you will need to give in certain details that are needed. This usually involves putting in your personal information such as your name, registered mobile number, credit card details and the amount of money that you wish to trade in.

    Start with a small amount of money

    If you’re new to the stocks world, don’t invest a huge amount of money straightaway. It is advisable at this point, especially if you are a beginner in this domain, to start with a small amount of money. Usually, all binary options robots websites have a small but a minimum amount which you must start investing with. Until you get a hang of how trading using binary options robots works, you should ideally start trading with the minimum amount of money that is required. The robots stated in the end can do everything that has been taught within this topic, a reason that we have referred to them.

  • The Benefits of Having Binary Options Robots

    The great thing about binary options robots is that usually it involves no downloading (unlike various other trading software like Forex). Usually everything is web based and that helps you get started much faster as opposed to other trading schemes due to the lesser complications involved.

    Easy to Register

    After having set up your account, you are require to registered with a particular broker who will do the business on your part by virtue of being licensed to trade in securities. As is common knowledge, in order to trade in any kind of securities you need to trade through a broker.

    Easy to pay

    This therefore involves paying the broker a small commission upon incurring a profit or a loss. Usually the websites which offer binary options robots are also connected with a broker who is best suited for your trading needs.

    Easy to choose the kind of security you need

    After having gotten this far, the next step you need to take is to decide the kind of security you wish to trade in. This involves you taking a call on the basis of a wide array of parameters such as the past history of the stock, the maturity date of your investment and the amount of money that is required to buy a particular share of that stock.

    Easy to configure the settings

    You would eventually need to configure the settings of your binary options robot in order for it to perform its functions as per your needs. When set right, a binary options robot can help you trade in securities with effortless ease and produce results which otherwise are hard to come by via manual trading especially due to the convenience which is associated with trading by using binary options robots.

    The binary options robots that we have referred at the end can do all of these easily, which is why we have hand picked them for you and referred it.

  • How to choose the right binary options robots?

    In order to succeed in trading using binary options softwares, the most important step is to choose the right binary options automated trading system.

    Check whether things are automatic

    A binary options robot, once opened alongside your binary account and configured correctly, automatically feeds in information and executes trades for the trading process to begin. The robot then detects the available binary options trading platforms and the signals generated are picked up by the robot which then feeds in information required for the trading to be initiated.

    The ability to choose

    Most binary options softwares allow you to choose two versions of the same. The first is the free version and the second is the professional version. The basic or the free version is the idea choice for those who are newbies in this domain and have just started out in trading using automated binary options softwares. The professional version, which requires you to pay a certain amount of money for using the robot, is more ideally suited for those who are fairly well versed with the practicalities of trading using binary options robots. The professional version comes with its perks though. It allows you to connect to more traders at once as opposed to the free version which only allows you to connect to a lesser number of traders. This is beneficial as the free version faces difficulties in connecting with multiple traders at once while the professional version does the same with relative ease.

    Trade in Multiple ways

    These binary options robots also allow you to trade in three different ways. The first method of trading while using binary options robots is the Classic style of trading. In classic style of trading, your binary options robot is configured to trade only in a particular and simple manner and only the same amount of money is used in every trade. The other for trading using binary options robots is the Martingale style of trading whereby you can alter the amount of money which you use to trade depending on how much you have gained or lost.

    This eventually helps you in breaking even in case you make losses or in expanding your profits, given that you use the right trading skills and configure your binary options robot correctly. The third style of trading is the Fibbonacci style of trading which is an assortment of the algorithms used in both Classic and Margintale styles of trading and allows you to increase your size of trading upon incurring loss but also decrease the size of trading upon making profits in order to equalize your winnings and keep you in a safe spot.

    Our handpicked binary option robots are just right for you when it comes to doing all of the above and more!

    Best Binary Options Robots


    • Binary AutoTrader
    • Super Simple Bot
    • Binary Option Robot
    • Trusted Binary Bot
    • Software

    Average Win Rate

    • 87.35%
    • 80%
    • 83%
    • 79%
    • Win Rate


    • Auto
    • Auto
    • Auto
    • Auto
    • Type

    Beginner Friendly

    • Beginner Friendly


    • Free
    • Free
    • Free
    • Free
    • Cost

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    Checking out the reviews
    In order to be able to determine which binary options robot is right for you, the next step you need to take is to check out the reviews of various binary options robots and see which one has usually had a higher payout in the past (which will be decisive on the basis of previous trends).

    Once you have chosen the right automated softwares for your trading, it is time to select the appropriate securities you wish to invest in which would allow you to make the maximum possible yields from your investment.

  • Trading Tips with Binary Options Softwares

    It is an established knowledge that binary options robots are one of the quickest and safest ways to earn money by investing in securities. You can earn returns of almost upto 80% of the amount of money you invest with the right binary option auto trading software. However, in order to sustain your profit making ability and grow as a trader over time, you must keep in mind a few essential tips which if exercised correctly, can lead you to consider investing a serious amount of money in this style of trading. Binary Options Softwares help you attain this aim by automatically feeding in the information to the trading platform as per your desired configuration. However, they work properly only as long as you do!

    Start by trading small

    This is one of the most important yet overlooked tips. Many beginners believe that it is only as long as they start making profits that they should trade small. The reality could not be farther away from that. Often, what is required of a novice trader who uses binary options robots to carry out his trading activities is the ability to form trading strategies by analyzing the results and trends from investing in a diverse portfolio of securities. The results from this sort of an exercise prepare you to invest bigger amounts in the future with relative security.

    Never risk more than 10-15% of your account value on a single trade.

    This is by far one of the most frequently shared tips when it comes to trading by using binary options robots. Traders often begin to get motivated at small earnings and start investing up to 50% of their account value on that trade which might have helped them earn profits earlier. On the other hand, successful binary traders fight the temptation to configure their binary trading robot in such a manner that it trades only in the winning stock and that too by investing more than 10-15% of the account value.

    Always trade with a binary options broker who has significant repute in the market.

    Due to the advent of binary options robots making binary trading swift and easy, many exploitive binary trading brokers have come out in the market, luring investors and running away with their money. Instead, you must do your research before choosing the broker and only then trust them with your money.

    Don’t rely solely on the Automated binary Softwares to do everything for you.

    You need to understand that at the end of the day, the binary options robot is merely a programme which works on the basis of an algorithm and works on your commands. Always keep a keen eye on the stock market and anticipate the future prices of stocks before you make your investment.

    Don’t always go for the most popular binary options to trade in.

    Often, such stocks don’t lead to the maximum gains which can otherwise be obtained from other lesser popular stocks if you keep a keen eye on the past trends and not just the recent performance of the stock.

    Refrain from trading during the peak hours

    Remember, these are the times when all the experienced traders analyze and invest in the stock market, leading to a lot of volatility. A sudden change in the market at this time can lead to your investment becoming futile. Instead, wait for the lesser volatile environments when you can peacefully invest and analyze the results of your investment.

  • Customized Binary Options Robots – Are they Worth your money?

    Almost every binary options automated trading robot is widely available in two versions, namely the free and the professional versions. While the free version connects with very less numbers of trading platforms, the professional version connects with more trading platforms and comprises a wider array of features than the free version.

    A Binary Options Auto Trading Software

    A third option, which many seasoned binary options traders have commonly begun to exercise, is the customized trading software. Such an automated system is customized as per your needs and comes with an assorted set of algorithms which enable it to perform tasks which ordinary binary options robots are incapable of performing.

    There are several reasons why customizing your automatic trading tool can help you perform such trading activities which are hard to perform otherwise. Here is a look at how the software can help you.

    Finding the best rates

    As an illustration, while an ordinary (free or professional) binary option robots would find the best trades for you only in certain manners, you can programme your customized software and choose trades as per your whims and fancies.

    Change patterns easily

    Another big advantage of owing a customized binary options trader is that it allows you to change the patterns increasing or decreasing values of your binary option in ways that an ordinary preset binary options converter cannot. This is simply because you can request your binary options robot coder to customize your system and equip it with algorithms of your choice.

    The challenges

    However, while there are several upside to owning a customized binary options robot, there are several downsides as well. As a newbie, you will be facing the following challenges when operating the binary option robot.

    – Initial learning curve

    To begin with, a novice binary options trader would have a hard time figuring out the right customization for himself and is therefore better suited to own a standard present auto trading softwares.

    – Can pinch the pocket at first

    Secondly, a customized robot is quite steep in terms of its cost. This is because you pay the coder to code the robot as per your desire. A customized binary options robot can cost up to $1000.

    – High maintenance costs

    Further, the maintenance costs which come along with it are high as well, especially since with the change of trend in the market, you would want to readjust the algorithms.

    All in all, if you are a binary options trader who has a considerable experience on his back, a fair amount of understanding of how robots work and what algorithms you want, and most importantly money in his pocket, giving customized options a try would be well worth the money and effort.

  • Binary Options Robots Scams

    With the advent of binary options robots in around 2014, a lot of players entered the market with dynamic binary options robots which are capable of performing a series of complicated trading functions. The success of the binary options trading practice has also drawn a lot of people to it, especially considering how the potential profits which can be generated are high as compared to the losses which may be incurred, given the low risk investment that is required.

    However, some people have manipulated the concept behind binary options trading and characterized it as a “get rich quick” scheme in order to lure people into giving away their money. Many of such scamsters are so sophisticated that it is sometimes hard to really make out whether a binary options robot is legitimate or not. This article contains an overview of the auto-trading binary software scams and also some tips to avoid falling in their trap.

    Read the testimonials

    Always make sure that you read the testimonials available on the website of the binary options robots to see whether it is legitimate. Usually, a legitimate robots website will have several people commenting on the positive and the negative aspects of the system.

    Do a Google search

    However, don’t simply rely on the testimonials because they may be fake. Instead, do a general Google search about the robot and see if it has found any mention on any of the websites wherein the automatic binary trading softwares have been reviewed. Many a times, people also post about fake or legitimate binary options robots on their own websites or blogs.

    Does the robot offer you unrealistic expectations?

    Another simple way to spot a scam robot is to stay away from robots which offer an unrealistic profit-making potential. No binary options robot can turn you into a millionaire in a day and if it promises the same, you’re better off staying away from it.

    What the winning percentage?

    Further, robots which claim to always be winning more than 95% of the trades and never losing any are not usually legitimate either. You must understand that while the skill in binary options trading is to win more times than you lose, losing too is a part of the game and the ratio of the same cannot be reduced unrealistically.

    Check the brokers

    Another great way to spot a robot that you should avoid is to see the brokers which it is connected to. If the binary options robot is connected only to brokers who are unlicensed or unregulated, or if it is connected to brokers who have a bad reputation in the market, it is best to avoid such automated softwares.

    Is there a massive payout on offer?

    Lastly, keep an eye out for auto-trading softwares which promise a massive payout. While it is possible to make a large amount of money by using them, you must realize that it is usually the experienced and seasoned traders who end up making such sums. Robot websites constantly use the earnings of such persons to lure new traders into not just using their robots but also investing large sums of money.

  • Top 3 Binary Options Robots Reviews

    Various binary options robots exist in the market which allow you to trade in binary option stocks by connecting to one or multiple broker platforms at a time. While some of them are efficient at what they’re meant to do, the others, not so much.

    Best Binary Options Robots

    Win Rate
    SoftwareWin RateTypeBeginner
    Option Robot83%AutoFree
    Super Simple Bot80%AutoFree
    Binary Auto Trader79%AutoFree

    Before you invest your hard-earned money into binary options trading, you should, as an essential step, determine that binary options robot which is best suited for your needs. Usually, binary option robots also allow you to open accounts with binary options traders for some monetary benefit of their own and offer you incentives for the same.

    Here are some of the best binary options robots for you to choose from.


    Binary-Auto Trader

    The Binary-Auto trader is without a doubt the best trading app that the binary trading market has at the moment. This one of a kind app has an impressive winning ratio of 87%, making it the best result oriented app there is. This amazing innovation has been hailed by most binary trading experts as the best automated binary app there is. Registering or signing up with the Binary-Auto Trader is quiet easy. You simply have to sign up on the app’s website and the process is easy to follow and fast. The app uses trading principles that are well known making it legitimate and trustworthy. These principles are Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio. The winning ratio is real and is not in any way exaggerated like most apps that claim to have over 90% winning ratio which is simply lies. Online investors and newbies who have been looking for a legitimate and approved automated software to trade with, well Binary-Auto Trader is the right software for you.


    Binary-Auto Trader


    With this auto trader, members get a wide array of advantages top of them being that this is an easy to use platform that executes trades for newbies or for those who don’t have the time to do research. Binary-Auto Trader is the right app for newbie traders as well as experienced traders who also have the option of using manual setting to execute their trades. This software has the capability of placing over an average of 100 trades per week. This means that a trader can make nearly 20 trades each day, and with a winning ratio of 87%, there’s a REAL chance that you will end the week in a high, most traders who use this app usually do.


    Registering with this app is easy. You just visit the website above and you will set your financial dreams on the right track. This app was specifically created to help investors make money fast and easily.


    Super Simple Bot

    Super Simple Bot comes with an advantage you won’t believe, it has the capability to execute automatic and guarantees real signals a feature no other software has. There are millions of positive Super Simple Bot reviews all over. This binary trading app has an amazing algorithm that carefully picks trades and ensures it wins at least more than half. This amazing bot has a winning and an accurate ratio of 83%. This is arguable one of the best in accuracy, there is no arguing about that. This robot wins around 90% of its daily trades. You can easily check this software here


    You can easily sign up with Super Simple Bot in less than a minute. This software covers newbies especially with its easy to use autopilot mode, which can be easily changed to manual in case the trader wants to execute his/her own trades without the help of the software. This software uses a combination of the three most powerful trading systems, Fibonacci, Martingale and Classic systems. It also has among its wonder features the market’s leading indicators which include RSI, MACD, Commodity Channel Index and the Stochastic Oscillator.


    Super Simple Bot


    Visit the official page above and make an initial deposit. I made a $500 deposit which was money that I couldn’t possibly cry myself to see if I ever lost it, that was the risk I took. For a week, I let the autopilot mode work its magic. I did usually keep on checking my balance and noticed that my balance was going up and the week was about to end. For the one week, I raked in a 90% winning rate and I had more than my initial deposit.


    Super Simple Bot is free and what’s even better is the fact that any trader at any level can easily use it. This has a fantastic winning ratio. This app is also compatible with any Operating System and on any device. You have the option of having your own preferred broker. This option can be found in the setting categories. Now it’s the high time that you try this amazing software and enjoy the life of an established binary trader.



    This is one app that has the best available features all under one software. is 100% secure and has been approved by the regulatory authorities. This app has a winning rate of 80% and has some of the best accuracy rate. This app also has an autopilot mode, which allows the software to conduct and execute trades on its own. It also allows users to choose their own brokers if they want to. It also allows experienced traders the option to trade manually. They can do this by simply changing the settings and gives you the option of making and executing your own trades. can be used with any Operating System and on any device.



    How it Works

    This software uses multiple indicators that are used in the financial world such as MACD and RSI. They use the PULL and CALL that allow the software to execute trades. It uses a complex algorithm that enables the software to have such accurate levels. This software is easy to use as well as fast to set up. You don’t need any prior knowledge to operate this.

    This software is free and you only need to register and deposit a small amount and watch your account balance increasing. I initially deposited $500 and waited for a week since I had chosen to run the software on autopilot mode. Within a week, my account balance was reading $1450, more than my initial investment. It is high time you take a look at this software and take the few spots available.


    Algobit is another one of the better binary trading robots out there. Claiming to have 80% accuracy when it comes to winning trades, it is one of the most preferred trading robots out there and has consistently held that position.

    It consistently searches for stock portfolios and allows you to make your trade moves instantaneously by having an extremely fast interface and efficient algorithms in place to catch the best possible trades in little time. It gives two trading options, manual or signal-based trading. It gives short signals which range from 1 to 5 minutes and long term option signals which give you a longer period of time to choose trends from. It also allows you to track and locate trades. It determines the direction of the trade rather accurately and gives you a fantastic interface to carry out your trades. The experience with the interface was one of the better ones we’ve had when it comes to the speed and ease at which we could perform algorithms.

    One of the best features of the Algobit binary trading options robot is the feature offered by it which allows you to chat with real time market analysts and ask them for trips, tricks and your next moves. This is one of the best tools that any beginner or moderately experienced user can get.

    CTO Binary Option

    CTO Binary Option is among the top binary options robots presently available in the market. It has a solid user base and an impressive winning ratio of 85%. In terms of the user interface, everything worked like a charm. With a solid team of trading and technology professionals, CTO Binary Option has been built into a robust and reliable binary trading options robot.

    It includes the feature of a demo account which allows you to try your hand on the software in a simulated environment. One of the unique things about it is the Islamic Account which apparently complies with the Sharia Law on trading (we don’t exactly know what that is but it might benefit those who follow the Sharia Law).

    Via its replicator, it allows you to even replicate the trades of the most successful traders and offers a professional version of this feature if you opt for one of its more expensive accounts.

    Note: On a side-note, it is important to always avoid scams and illegitimate automatic trading robots. Watch out for robots which promise to pay unreasonably high payouts, which have very fake testimonials or no testimonials at all or which have been named as scams on the internet.

  • Top 3 Binary Options Brokers

    There are over 60 binary options robots in the market presently which are legitimate. The scheme of earning money via binary options robots has lured many people to invest their money and try their luck. However, it is important to stay careful of robots which are not legitimate, which promise improbable winning ratios or which are simply there to take in your money and give you back nothing.

    Some of the parameters on the basis of which a binary options robot can be judged as good or bad are the winning ratio, period of existence, number of persons using it and the origin of the creator of the robot.

    Most of the reputable brokers below are already synchronized with our recommended robots everywhere on our site, so there’s no need for you to sign up individually on the various brokers.

    Following are some of the most trusted binary options brokers that you that you can decide to start trading with.


    24Options is a germany-based binary options trader which promises over 80% winnings in trader. It has been there in the market for a considerable amount of time and has garnered a fair amount of reputation among the binary options traders. Among many other incentives, it promises to have complied with all the legal and regulatory requirements of trading in binary options. One of the key reasons why 24options is a premium choice is the consistant 80%+ payoffs that it maintains. Apart from that, it also provides to you a personal account manager which is hugely beneficial for any novice trader entering the arena of binary options trading.

    However, what strikes us the most about 24options is the new feature which has been introduced by them, called Trader’s Choice. This allows other traders to view in real time the trading skills and tactics being used by the top traders. The feature shows up on the right side of the trading graph. This is especially beneficial if you’ve just gotten started and would like a practical guide to trading.

    To get started with 24options, you need a minimum of $250 in your account. 24options promises a potential return of upto 89% on overall trades.


    When we first saw offering 200% payouts, we were in two minds. Any binary options robot offering 200% payouts is sure to strike you as a gimmicky at the first instance. However, upon taking a closer look, we found out that it is akin to any other reputed binary options robot and the 200% payouts it does are confined only to certain trades and also, refer only to the overall winnings that a person might have made.

    The website has a sufficient number of testimonials from prior users who claim to have had a smooth experience while trading with the Highlow robot.

    It recommends 4 types of trades which are highlow, on demand, spread on demand and spread high/low. Further, in order to ensure the security of the funds, it keeps all the funds from the users in a segregated account with the National Australian Bank. It has an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 364264) and promises to strictly comply with the regulatory norms of Australia. Further, the starting amount required to open an account with Highlow is (AUS) $50. Lastly, it charges a 1.5% withdrawal fee which is one of the lowest among most binary options robot websites.

    If you want to get started with Highlow, you can always open a demo account which would let you try your hand at binary options trading with an account of $10,000 virtual funds.


    Bancdebinary is another one of the leading binary options brokers that many people link their robot with. It provides three different types of accounts which are basic (requiring a deposit of $250), silver (requiring a deposit of $2500) and gold (requiring a $2500 deposit). Each one of the account comes with a few basic options but the more expensive accounts comprise some very key options like direct access to the manager and even private interactions with binary options trade analysts. It complies with the requirements of the concerned European regulatory body.

  • Best Stocks and methods to trade with your binary options robot

    After introducing yourself to the concept of binary option, finding yourself a great binary options robot and hooking yourself up with an account with a reputed broker, the next important thing to know is which stocks you should ideally invest in with your binary options robot.

    Choose the right stocks

    Since this is an automatic trading style, it is important to choose the right kinds of stocks which are neither so volatile that you may unexpectedly end up losing badly, nor too docile that you don’t end up winning a significant amount from the gamble.

    Understand the risks

    The exercise of choosing the right stock to hook up with your binary options robot is an attempt at minimizing the ‘risk’ factor in the gamble.

    One of the best stocks which has been popular with binary options robots has been stocks in oil, gas and pharmaceuticals. The good thing about these types of essential stocks it that their highs and lows usually don’t last very long and they remain stable, therefore minimizing your chances of losses.

    Hone your trading skills

    One of the best ways to find such stocks is to not just keep a watch out on the stock market trends but also to check out which stocks have been doing the best on the binary options broker’s website since some of the stocks require manual trading skills to make gains from, given their dynamic nature.

    Learn Stop Loss

    In terms of the methods of trading, it is important for you to quickly learn the feature of “stop loss” (the name may vary from robot to robot), which is basically the function that you must use in order to tell your robot to stop trading at a certain point. This comes in handy when you need to fix a limit on the losses or chances you wish to lose in a particular day or if you want to not trade during extremely volatile market conditions.

    Learn to follow

    You need to quickly develop the skill of knowing which other successful traders to follow and at what times, not to follow them and make your own moves. Usually, while it is a safe bet to follow successful traders, it is entirely possible that in certain circumstances, they may try and mislead their followers and eventually make their own moves at key points. So you must watch out and not follow them if they seem to be assuming more risk in a trade than you can absorb.

    Check out for the lucrative options

    Another thing that you need to watch out for is the extremely lucrative options which are offered by binary options brokers, even though the stock may not seem to be following any particular trend. It is an obvious tactic by them to offer huge potential gains on stocks which are not likely to perform as expected and therefore lead to a loss for the trader. As a beginner trader, it is advisable that you simply stay away from volatile and luring stocks as much as you can.

    Understand the risks

    Lastly, don’t forget that guessing whether a stock will have risen and fallen is dependant on a number of market forces and there is always an element of chance involved. In order to succeed with binary options trading, you must have extremely sharp abilities in reading market trends and analyzing which moves would be the most beneficial to make in order to minimize risk as much as possible. Binary options trading is more about ‘calculated risks’ than about ‘big risks’.

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