Why Trading with Binary Options Robots is better than Forex Trading

Why Trading with Binary Options Robots is better than Forex Trading

April 20, 2017 By: Comments Off on Why Trading with Binary Options Robots is better than Forex Trading

When looking to play the trading game, the two popular options include Forex trading and binary options trading.
Binary options trading has existed for quite some time, but it is only recently that it is experiencing rapid growth. Not only has it established itself as a legitimate way of earning, it has proved itself to be a better trading option than Forex trading.

Here are some reasons to support this argument:
There’s Predetermined Risk-Reward Ratio
When you are trading with a binary option robot, you know the expected loss or profit beforehand. This is because it involves predicting the price of a particular asset in a specified time period. It means you know what you’ll be winning or losing before the trade is executed.
On the other hand, Forex trading is a bit uncertain. Since there is no set timescale, nobody can determine actual profits and losses. Traders have to wait for a significant amount of time to start making money.

It Offers Faster Trading
A binary option robot can have an expiry time as short as 30 seconds (although there are longer term options available as well). The point is that a trader can make repeated trades over a short period of time and maximize profits.
In the Forex trading landscape, it is impossible to achieve such quick profits. It might take days or even weeks before a Forex trader earns any significant profits.

It Offers 24/7 Trading Opportunities
Trades can be made through binary option robot at any time of the day. Whether the exchange is taking place in London or Tokyo, the online trading platform never rests.
The Forex trading platform, on the other hand, has fixed hours and trading is not allowed when certain markets have closed.

It Requires a Meager Initial Deposit
To start trading on binary option platform, all you need is an initial investment as low as $250. This small deposit allows new traders to join in and start making profits.
However, initial deposit on Forex trading is not in the hundreds of dollars – it’s in thousands. Because of this, many traders shy away from Forex trading.

It Offers Trading on Wide Range of Assets
When it comes to trading options, binary option robot trading clearly wins. From blue chip companies to currencies, traders have a wide variety of choices.
This is not the case with Forex trading. As the name suggests, Forex trading can only be done on foreign exchange currencies.
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