Tera App Scam Review – Dangerous scam!

Tera App Scam Review – Dangerous scam!

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Tera App Scam Review.

Tera App Scam Review

Tera App is apparently the only unique binary options trading app which guarantees users to make over $20,000 daily. This all sounds too good to be true and thus we got more interested with this wonder app formerly known as Terabit trader. According to the creators of Tera App, the system works 94/100th faster than the fastest Wall Street cable data transfer system. This is a re-launch of the Terabit Trader app and this is why we insist on reading this transparent and honest review. We strongly condemn the use of this app since we have concrete evidence that Tera App is just a lousy scam.

The Developer.

The man who presents himself as the creator of this ingenious app Richard Heffner is nothing but a paid actor. Yes, he is the guy hired by the real scam artist to present to you this lie. We have proof of this guy presenting other binary options scams. What is even funny about this video presentation, is the fact that it has a Terabit logo. Here is the man who claims to be the owner and developer of Terabit Trader and yet again he presents the Tera App. This is definitely a money making scheme this Richard or whoever his real name is, involved in.

We did a thorough investigation using the Division of Corporations which clearly shows that Tera App Company does not exist anywhere in the face of the earth. You can see this man presenting other shady binary options scam such as GPS trader and Safeguard Trader. All of the apps he is involved in are proven scams. This is one of the many reasons why we cannot trust anything this guy tells us. This is a pointer that we are definitely dealing with a professional scam artist.

How Tera App works.

According to the information we have gathered, Tera App uses Optical Data Transmission one and two. These signals are known to travel at lightning speed. They apparently take 6/100ths of a second to transmit and circle the earth. This is how the app transfers trading data 94/100th faster than the signals the well-known Wall Street uses. This is how the app guarantees users to get the results they want faster than the financial trading markets. Readers, we have seen numerous claims like this mostly used by scam artists who lure unsuspecting binary trading newbies.

Alarming things Found.

Tera App Scam Review

The app boasts of having a guaranteed successful rate of 93%. The truth is that there is no trading app on earth that can reach those high accuracy levels. No one, even the best financial traders can achieve such a success rate. No one has that capability to predict what will happen with the trading assets on the trading markets at any given time. This is one of the many bogus crap that this app is selling to us. The next lie they are selling is the fact that you can make over $1,350 per hour.

When you see such claims being thrown around, you have to see the proof. Who has made this profit and can prove it? There is no mention of any third party who can help verify this claim. When you land on the teraapp.co home page, there is no third party that proves this claim. This is simply an insane amount of money to make in any financial market, even the experts don’t earn that much. This is clearly evidence that we are dealing with a scam app. This is another proof that we need to vehemently refuse to buy anything that Richard and his team are selling.

Other Disturbing things Found.

When you visit the frequently asked questions section, you will realized that the name Tera App appears in the first two tabs. On the third tab, you see the tab written “How much do you pay Wonder Clicks App”. This is what happens when scammers make a mistake of copy pasting from other scams. These people are clearly out to get your money. When you deposit your money with Tera App, your money will immediately be taken by these fraudsters in a heartbeat. You should desist from engaging with this scam.

What happens after registering?

When you register on teraapp.co website, you will be redirected to a second member’s area where you are required to set up your trading account. One of the most disturbing things about this app is the fact that the broker’s preference is not for the user. They recommend you to their preferred broker which is quiet suspicious. We don’t have a clue as to whether the broker is regulated or not. If they are using an unregulated broker, this is bad news since withdrawing of funds depends on the broker’s wish. In short, you do not have any guarantee of making your withdrawals.

The fact that we have no evidence about the legibility of the broker, we cannot ignore the fact that these brokers are simply out to get a cut from the scam creators. Another red flag is the fact that we do not have any company in the world that has endorsed this product. This erases their entire claim that firms such as CNN and Forbes magazine have given Tera App a thumbs up. This is all a lie to lure in unsuspecting online investors and stealing their money once they deposit with Tera App,

Our Verdict.

Tera App Scam Review

Tera App is nothing but an online binary options scam that should be avoided at all cost. The promise of fast reward is what entices newbie traders into signing up with fake apps. There are indeed true and tested apps that make reasonable profits. You need to have the right trading tools with the help of professional binary experts to guide you through the best and most recommended bots. We cannot let the good binary name be tarnished by lazy scam artists. That is why we have no other option but to flag Tera App as a pure scam that should be ignored at any given time.

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