Public Millionaire App Scam Review – Scandal to Avoid.

Public Millionaire App Scam Review – Scandal to Avoid.

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Public Millionaire App Software Scam Review.

Public Millionaire App Scam Review

Public Millionaire App is that is offering the binary trading world users a guarantee of $3,000 daily. Public Millionaire App is given to us free of charge. This is one of the many reasons why we immediately smelt a rat and decided to investigate further, this wonder app. Public Millionaire App uses a one of a kind super algorithm that allows users to have an advantage over others.

Their algorithm apparently does magic when running on auto pilot mode. This means if you have never traded, you don’t know what put or call is. The app execute trades for you while you do your other chores. They say you need to follow some of their experts’ trade patterns, and you will be a pro in no time. All this seems all too good to be true, and as we always say in our reviews, be wary of scams. Public Millionaire App is a scam that should be avoided at all cost.

We have received numerous complaints from users who used this app and lost all their money. We decided to prove that indeed Public Millionaire App is indeed a scam. Read the whole review below.

The Creator.

Pat Bruce is the genius behind Public Millionaire App or that is what we are led to believe. During the video presentation of this app, he presents himself as an outstanding investment analyst. He claims that he used to work for the giant firm AIG, only to be fired ten years ago. The truth is there is no mention of him in the company’s data log. We managed to find out that he is one of the associates with web site. We also managed to discover that there is no mention of the company’s name. This is pure scam!

How Public Millionaire App Works.

Barry is presented to us as the tech computer wizard and the software maestro behind Public Millionaire App. Pat who is the self-proclaimed owner of this fake app have come together to create this app. Their app will according to them be able to exactly pinpoint financial market trends. Public Millionaire App is apparently at all times hunting the world’s profitable and best trades. Don’t forget, this is all happening twenty fours a week. Common, which market in the world doesn’t close during the weekends? This is a clear indication that we are dealing with expert online fraudsters.

Alarming things Found.

When you land on the home page, you will get to see this app in play. According to the video presentation, this app apparently executes 873 trades daily and has a win ratio of 63%. In the web site’s own home page, you will see a different story as they claim Public Millionaire App has a win ratio of over 83%. This to us is a total misrepresentation of the truth. The sad truth is that the video presentation is without a doubt, fabricated. This is not the end of it!

One of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit is on the trade dates. We are able to detect and clearly point out one of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit. The date 26th March is clearly marked as a successful trade date. If you take your time to look at your calendar, this is on a Sunday. There is no financial market trading that operates on weekends. This is concrete proof that the app is completely fake and does not hold any bearing in the real world. How is Public Millionaire App able to trade during the weekends?

Public Millionaire App Scam Review

You cannot be respected or taken seriously when you claim that your app works 24/7. This is simply one of those lies that you have to point out. This is crystal clear evidence that we are dealing with bona fide scam artists. We have always pointed out in our previous scam reviews that apps that beat the clock on weekends are just scam. The video presentation also shows that Public Millionaire App is an approved and verified app. This is not true. Even the binary community trading world doesn’t know about this app. There is no third party to verify any of Public Millionaire App’s claims.

Scam Exposed.

There is also a funny claim that Public Millionaire App is all over the news. We did a thorough review and found out that this is all false. There is no mention of this app anywhere on all financial media outlets. We can also prove that all the testimonials you see on the home page are purely fictional. There is one guy who claims to be a legitimate user of this app. His real name is Felix Smith and he hails from the UK. He is just a well-known Fiverr actor who is paid five bucks a word. He simply can be hired to say or do anything in front of a camera.

Since we cannot believe that this guy is a millionaire all thanks to this app, we cannot trust anything this guy sells. We are 100% sure when we see fake claims from a mile away. You should not at any one time fall for this false claim. This is one of the many reasons that we flagged Public Millionaire App as a total sham.

What happens after registering with Public Millionaire App, you will be redirected to the member’s page. Users are required to fill in the page with their contact details including names. You are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. If you remember clearly, one of the first things they mentioned is that the app is free. They also require you to sign up with their preferred broker. There is no mention of the broker’s name or company. This means that withdrawing funds from Public Millionaire App is at the mercy of the broker. You are not guaranteed of your money, don’t forget that the broker is unregulated.

How will the user complain if they do not get their money? The authorities will be turned off by the fact that you used unregulated brokers. This is why you should never use unregulated brokers. They may decide to close shop without notice and you end up losing money.

Our Verdict.

Public Millionaire App Scam Review

Public Millionaire App is without a doubt one of the most dubious binary options scams. The people behind this app are professional thieves who steal online identities. You cannot work at home and hot a button and everything just falls into play. We have no option but to flag Public Millionaire App as a scam that should not be tolerated. Avoid this app and trade safe with legitimate and approved binary robots that are genuine.

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