Mambo Investments Software Scam Review – Latest Binary App Scam.

Mambo Investments Software Scam Review – Latest Binary App Scam.

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Mambo Investments Software Scam Review.

Mambo Investments Software Scam Review

Mambo Investments Software is the latest scam to grace the binary trading world. According to the presentation video, this app is the best managed app in the financial trading world. This got us immediately curious as to why this claim should be believed.

They claim that this app is backed by professional binary traders who when followed, they will lead users to financial freedom. They also add in the fact that you don’t need to be a binary trader to use this app. This is all made possible by the fact that the software also runs on auto pilot. This means that users can do other things while the app makes huge profits for them. Our dear readers, this is simply a ploy to trap newbie traders as well as online investors into depositing money with this fake app. Read this full and transparent review as to why you should not even consider this ridiculous scam!

The Developer.

We cannot point out who the real creator of this app is because the presentation video does not show any information as to who the owner is. They claim that this app is 100% free and users don’t need any money to sign up. This claim is a lie and we will reveal why. When you land at the home page there is no person who claims to be the developer of this app. We have already pointed out in our previous reviews that we cannot trust these anonymous apps that don’t reveal the people behind them. We don’t know for sure whether these profession traders that we are supposed to follow whether they are regulated or not. The reason is simple, we cannot hold anyone responsible if anything goes wrong.

How Mambo Investments Software Works.

Mambo Investments Software Scam Review

According to the presentation video, Mambo Investments works on both Technical and fundamental trading analysis to execute the trades at any given time. How exactly how this app works no one knows because the same video presentation does not show how this app works. We are serious when it comes to fake binary apps which cause harm in the binary trading world.

This is one of the reasons why we vehemently recommend NOT using this app. These are clear signs that we are dealing with professional online fraudsters who are experts in money pyramid schemes. We will reveal the mask behind this app and once users deposit money with this bogus scam, the money will disappear in a heartbeat. We know this because we have received numerous claims from users who signed up with this app and lost all their money minutes after the app started trading. One even claimed they could not manage to kill off the app once it was operational.

Alarming things found.

The first mistake that these culprits did was to put what says in their own web site’s Disclaimer is valid proof that Mambo Investments Software is fake. It states that this app is not an investment advisor nor is it a regulated broker. This is what scammers use to try and win their cases when some of them are caught and persecuted. Mambo Investments Software is a very dangerous scam. Judging by the many complaints we have received, it makes us question everything! We have to clearly point out to traders to totally ignore this app.

Fake Testimonials.

We have irrefutable proof that Mambo Investments Software is clearly a money making pyramid that we easily smelt from a mile away. They have used stolen online identity photos to mask people as their legitimate clients who have used this app. This is one of the many ways professional expert fraudsters use to steal money from online investors. The truth is that there are indeed genuine trading apps that earn reasonable profit margins. They have been tested and approved by the relevant authorities and are genuinely used by the trading community world.

Mambo Investments Software Scam Review

We did a thorough research and the evidence we have will without a doubt reveal why Mambo Investments Software is a proven scam. The fake photos that you see are stolen and names changed. One of the stolen pictures and names is that of Fiona Bruce is well known. BBC even have an article on her and in Mambo Investments Software she goes under the name Madge Smith CMO. The real Fiona Bruce started her career at BBC in 1989 as a researcher on Panorama. She does not have any binary trading knowledge and this is clear proof that the photo is stolen.

We also searched on the website and discovered that the site was registered on 6th June 2016. This clearly shows that the statement they claim to be binary experts for years and the app has been used for over three years is a lie. Where did these so called users who won sign up from considering the fact that the site was registered last year! This is another clear indication that we are dealing with professional online fraudsters.

Scam Exposed.

We also used the Divisions of Corporations to find out whether there is any company with the name Mambo Investments Software Company. The search proved futile as there is no company registered under the name Mambo Investments Software anywhere under the face of the planet. Don’t forget the fact that their brokers are not regulated. This means that withdrawing funds, if any, is at the mercy of these unknown brokers. All these are legitimate points that proves without a doubt this is scam at its best.

Our Conclusion.

Mambo Investments Software Scam Review

Mambo Investments Software is simply the scam of the week. We urge all our readers especially newbie binary traders and online investors to use genuine and approved bots. These tools have to be verified, tested and given the green light by relevant authorities. Some of the best tools are backed by binary trading experts who we trust and rely on. This review is meant to open your eyes. Stay away from Mambo Investments Software. It’s a proven scam.

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