FX Sniper Software Scam Review – Shitty Scam

FX Sniper Software Scam Review – Shitty Scam

March 15, 2017 By: Comments Off on FX Sniper Software Scam Review – Shitty Scam

FX Sniper Software Scam Review.

FX Sniper Software Scam Review

FX Sniper Software is the latest binary trading software to emerge in the binary world. The presentation video claims that FX Sniper Software runs on auto pilot and guarantees 100% success while executing trades. The developers of this lame app also claim that the app runs on auto pilot which means that anyone can make money out of it. Hours after this so called super app was introduced in the market, we have received numerous complaints from newbie users who fell into this shady scam. We have years of binary trading experience and we smelt this lame app a mile away.


They claim that FX Sniper Software will be making continuous profit for any user who tries it. The sad truth is that this is a fairy tale that will never be. If what they are claiming is true, we would all be making millions from our houses all thanks to this app. We wouldn’t even have to work for the rest of our lives. But then again, who would create something like this for free and let everyone else make millions without having to lift a finger? All this sounds too good to be true and we had to do a thorough investigation and the findings will shock you.

The Developer.

Once you log into this web site, the first thing that will pop us is the presentation video which is presented by Simon Reed. This guy introduces himself as an expert in Forex binary trading but when you search for his credentials online, he is nowhere to be found. The only thing that we could get out of our research is the fact that this guy is an associate with fxsniper.co website. We have irrefutable proof that this guy is a paid actor and can be seen in many other binary related scams. Truly this is a paid actor who will say or do anything to get a few bucks.

The truth is that expert binary traders will never sacrifice legitimate and approved apps for fake and bogus software which destroy the good nature of binary trading. We all know that there are legitimate and approved robots that earn traders reasonable profits and not these fake apps that promise you heaven only to deliver hell. Simon Reed is in another scam that was introduced a few days ago by the name of Profitball Trading software and he goes by the name of Joshua Ethan. This is one of the reasons why we cannot trust Simon or whoever his real name is. Whatever he is selling, we are flagging it as scam.

How does FX Sniper Software work?

FX Sniper Software Scam Review

FX Sniper Software is one of those apps that supposedly uses mathematical equations to determine the best possible scenarios for successful trading. According to the developer of this app, it uses data which has been stored from years ago and analyzes to accurately predict the outcome of successful trades. After analyzing all the information, the app then executes the best trades and helps users make “continuous” profits for the rest of their lives.

What is disturbing about this app is the claim that this app can decode millions of data at a second and make the right decision. Folks the hard truth is that there is no super computer on earth that can ever manage to hold all the financial data in one place. No trader makes money every day and does not get or execute losing trades. This is not possible, even the very best in the business have to lose at one point when dealing in any financial market. You cannot make money during the weekends for simple reasons, all the financial markets in the world are closed during the weekends, and it’s that simple.

The claim that they have discovered a flaw or loophole in the financial market does not hold any basis and in fact, it’s illegal. This is hard proof that we are dealing with online fraudsters whose main aim is to lure unsuspecting online investors especially newbie binary traders. Once you deposit money with this app, the money will disappear within minutes and you will end up losing your hard earned cash.

Alarming things Found.

The claim that the developer has been using FX Sniper Software for years would totally make you believe him, but you shouldn’t. During our investigation, we did a thorough and extensive search on when the website was officially registered. We used the well-known whois.com and the domain was registered on March 2017. His claim that he has made money transfers from December last year all the way to February is obviously unfounded. How did he make these transfers if the website alone was registered just this month? This is one of those simple mistakes that we have to pint out in order to keep traders safe from online fraudsters.

What happens after registering?

Once you register with both your names and email address, you will be directed to a second home page referred to as the member’s area. Once you get here, you are required to register your account with their preferred broker making it almost impossible for users to withdraw any money in the account. This is simply because the broker they assign you is also in this scam and you will never withdraw your money. Your hard earned money is at the mercy of these crooked brokers.

The claim that this app is 100% free is total bull. Why then would they ask traders to deposit money with them? Another straight forward deception is the fact that they do not have a demo account for newbie traders to improve their trading skills. This is simply not the best bot to sign up with for obvious reasons.

Our Conclusion.

FX Sniper Software Scam Review

FX Sniper Software is without a doubt the latest binary scam. We have laid down the proof that you need to completely stay away from this app. We have no other option but to flag FX Sniper Software AS SCAM that should be avoided at all costs.

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