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Crude Profit System Scam Review – Crude Scam Artist!

Crude Profit System Scam Review – Crude Scam Artist!

November 10, 2016 By: 1 Comment

Crude Profit System Scam Review – Scam Exposed

Crude Profit System Scam Review

The Crude Profit System is the latest binary automated app that was introduced just a few hours ago. We have received numerous emails in the last couple of hours revealing how many have been duped. The Crude Profit System is regrettably a scam and the empty promises are just ways to trap unsuspecting clients. This binary trading app scam is targeting countries that speak German. It is highly recommended that you read and completely stay away from the Crude Profit System scam. The team behind this scam is very organized and uses an email marketing team that is convincing. If you receive an email inviting you to sign up and deposit hard earned cash in their account. The truth is, your money will be stolen within a blink of an eye. We recommend you read through and see the proof we have to ascertain that the Crude Profit System is a fraud.


The Developer

The surprising thing about this app is that no one knows the actual developer or owner of this fraud software. When you watch closely in the video presentation, all you see is a lot of moving pictures and a voice narrating the sales pitch. This anonymous person promises heaven, but in reality, he’s selling hell. It’s also worth to mention that the voice narrator sells a bunch of dreams, but in reality, you can almost feel that he cannot bring any authority behind his dream sale of this scam. This presentation does not offer any valid reason to believe the app. At the end of the presentation, the narrator signs off by giving his name as Steffen Schwalm.

Scam Unmasked

Crude Profit System Scam Review

The cracks start to appear when you look at the website’s date of registration using was just registered last month on October 9th making the voice narrator’s claim that the software was introduced two years ago, false information. Another fact that is wrong is the fact that they do not even explain how the app works or does its magic. There is indeed REAL AND TESTED binary trading apps that produce actual results and have been approved by the regulatory authorities. It is also wise to have trusted and experienced binary trading experts who will point you in the right direction. The testimonials behind this scam which include Alexander Unger are all paid Fiverr actors who are paid $5 per 50 dollars to say anything, in this case, selling the Crude Profits System scam.

Our Conclusion

Crude Profit System Scam Review

We have no doubt that all binary trading experts will concur with us that the Crude Profits System is indeed a scam. These fraudsters are taking advantage of online investors, especially binary trading newbies. Binary trading is without a doubt a very lucrative place to earn money. We believe in it and it’s our duty to expose these fraudsters who want to tarnish the good name of binary trading. We therefore have no option but to flag this app as a scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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